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Anonymous wrote:

Unfortunately using the .com always displays a console window and there seems no way to suppress this.

No, the inherits a console of the parent batch file.

Firstly apologies as I had not realised winscpportable was not produced by yourself as it appears to display your properties dialogue.

Regarding the use of V winscp.exe when called from batch files.
Unfortunately using the .com always displays a console window and there seems no way to suppress this.
I use Winscp.exe without the /console switch as per your guide and it therefore doesnt display the gui window at all which is perfect for the scheduled jobs I run

Regarding the use of "call" in my batch files to launch Winscp. I have had problems in the past simply trying to start Winscp.exe directly from a batchfile even if using CD to be in the Winscp directory first and using "call" got round that. I cant remember now what the problem was as it was several years ago with a very early version of Winscp and using "call" has never given me any issues. I will try the latest version of Winscp without it now that you have mentioned it.
Many Thanks

Re: WINSCPPORTABLE returning control before file downlaod completed

We have nothing to do with WinSCPportable.exe here.

The proper winscp.exe behaves as you want. And the proper WinSCP is portable too anyway, no need to use the 3rd part "WinSCP portable" project.

Though in general, you should use from a batch file, instead of the winscp.exe.


Also I do not see why you use the call command to launch winscp.exe.

WINSCPPORTABLE returning control before file downlaod completed

I am using the latest version of winscpportable V 5.9.2 build 6958
I am calling it from a batchfile run on a windows 8.1 64bit desktop using the following syntax

where %WINSCPEXENAME% is WinSCPPortable.exe

winscpportable is kicking of the file download and immediately returning control back to the batch file before the file download has completed.
As the following task is a vbscript that processes the downloaded file this causes real problems.

The older non portable versions of winscp I have used
called using exactly the same commandline above from a batch file
kick off the file transfer and retain control (cmdline window stays open) until the file transfer has completed THEN returns control back to the batch file so that when the next script runs it knows the winscp part of the process has completed.

is there any switch I can apply when scripting using winscpportable to force it to retain control of its process until all the file transfers in the session have completed?

Please note the immediate return of control is NOT because I am using "call" or "start" etc in the batch file in the above example.

As our company has rules about what you can "install" on desktops I am forced to use the portable option and no I dont have access to a server.

Any Help or advice would be apreciated.
I have scanned FAQ, this forum and Google etc but not found any answers.