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Thanks for the reply.

That answer my question. A post-transfer script when using SFTP would have indeed been what I was looking for.

I'll handle 'www-data''s permissions manually.

Re: www-data login

Can you elaborate on "login as 'www-data' when using SFTP without having to modify 'www-data' user's settings"?

There's possibility to execute commands post-login with the FTP protocol only.

No post-transfer commands.

www-data login


First post here.

To begin with, congratz on the amazing software. I'm hosting a few websites here and there and WinSCP is in my top-list when it comes to managing files remotely.

Now I have a simple (I think) question for you guys :

I'd like to know if there is any way to either login as 'www-data' when using SFTP without having to modify 'www-data' user's settings or if there's a way to run a script at logon or when adding/copying files trough WinSCP to automagically set the owner/group to 'www-data'. That'd save time when editing website files.

Many thanks,