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when i use scp from linux to linux i get the expected performance, the same with samba, when i use Filezilla and sftp I also got 1GB/s, but not with WinSCP

Re: WinSCP incredible slow

What protocol? Do you get a better speed using any other client using the same protocol?

sorry i forgott to say i use 'large' files to copy (>2GB)

WinSCP incredible slow


my enviroment:
Win2012 R2, 32GB RAM, Intel Xeon E5-2630v3, 1xGB/s NIC, real Hardware
RAID6.. read speed >400MB/s
when i want to copy from Windows to a Linux-Server (equal machine) i got only a transfer speed of round about 23MB/s, nothing more. i use WinSCP 5.9.3
when i copy from my Linux Desktop PC to this Linux-server i've ~110MB/s.
i also tested the Network connection between this to server and it was ok (950 MBit/s)

Has somebody an idea to get more speed?

thanks in advance!