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Thanks Martin. Turns out that it was actually due to selecting "Run whether user is logged on or not" option in Windows Task Scheduler. It will only display the console window if "Run only when user is logged on". I guess I'll just stick to watching the log file.

Re: Windows 10 scripting - display console window while running

Either use console interface.

Or use winscp.exe /console


Windows 10 scripting - display console window while running

Hi guys,

Loving the scripting capabilities of WinSCP! I've been using them with Task Scheduler on a Windows 7 machine and the console displays while the script is running.

I am running another scheduled script on a Windows 10 machine and it's working fine, but the console window does not display. I'd like to have it display to allow for monitoring of progress. Is there an argument or command I can add for this? Haven't been able to find anything while digging through docs/google/forum

Thanks for the help!