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martin wrote:

Sorry, you are right. You have to use IDispatch:

Hi Martin, so what would be the syntax for the Open command when IDispatch is used. Only if we know the exact syntax can we invoke the method using Invoke in IDispatch ,isn't it?

Thank you so much!

martin wrote:

It's been ages, since I've done this the last time.

Maybe with can help you:

Thanks a lot, Martin. It was of great help. Another doubt is that as mentioned in ,
the tlb contains no description for methods. Without any methods for the main classes like SessionOptions , Session ,etc how can we invoke it from MFC application?

could you please throw some light on this?
I registered the WinSCPnet.dll as is explained in readme_automation.txt. That gives me a .tlb-file which I can use in the Visual Studio directory.But how do u use COM component in a MFC project?? I tried importing WinSCPnet.dll in the project, but its showing the file is binary and cannot be read. Please help

Re: Can COM work with MFC

Yes, it should be possible. As long as there's .NET framework installed on the target machine.

Can COM work with MFC

Can the WINSCP COM library be used with Visual studio 6.0 and 2013 (MFC dialog based application) for implementing SFTP protocol? It has to work on both Windows XP as well as Windows 7. Any suggestions?