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Race conditions

Thank you so much Martin. That was hint I was looking for. It was a race condition. Prior to the sftp there was zip task and it was running in a separate process. I put a delay in the sftp and now everything works perfectly.

Thanks again

Re: File Not Transfering

The file seems to be empty:

. 2017-01-04 08:30:41.460 File: 'e:\test\dest\' [2017-01-04T13:30:38.664Z] [0]

If it is not, attach a log file from GUI showing an upload of the same file.

Also make sure that the local account that runs the .NET assembly code has a read access to the file.

File Not Transfering

This is a wonderful application and excellent documentation.

WinSCP Version 5.9.3
OS : windows 2012

We are using SSIS script task to upload file to server using SFTP protocal.For 2 SFTP servers, the file upload works perfectly.
But for one SFTP server it uploads a file of 0 bytes.
Attached are Session and debug logs. It appears that SSH_FXP_WRITE does not occur.
I used the Winscp GUI and it is able to upload the file to this server. I am using the same account to run the package as in the OS login session.

So i am a loss as to the cause of the problem. Please advise what i can try.

Thank you,