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Re: Problem running simple get under Windows Scheduler

The correct solution is to use the command that WinSCP suggests itself:
In scripting you should not rely on saved sites, use this command instead:
open sftp://<username>:<password> -hostkey="ssh-rsa 2048 e2:d5:e7:0b:68:f0:36:cb:7e:04:bc:0f:63:bd:9b:11"

Though using the INI file would help too.

Problem running simple get under Windows Scheduler

I am having trouble running a WinSCP script under Windows Scheduler. This script has worked well on other clients running the same operating system on their network server. I read the self help and think creating a separate INI file would be the way to go. I would like a confirmation of this or a point in the right direction. I am concerned the client is getting impatient and I have very limited access to their server.

Description of the problem and what copy of the log I could get is attached.
Thanks for any ideas.