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Re: Restoring workspace on start

I'll look into the first point. Thanks.

But why do you consider the two other points to be a bug?

If you run, say Notepad, as Administrator, it will also operate with Administrator documents folder.

Why do you run WinSCP as Administrator anyway?

Restoring workspace on start

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate as normal User Georg (not in Administrator group). WinSCP runs under the Administrator user Admin.
I let WinSCP create a desktop shortcut to the workspace "Mein Arbeitsbereich" on the desktop.


  • Shortcut links to "Mein%20Arbeitsbereich" instead of "Mein Arbeitsbereich".
  • Shortcut is in C:\Users\Admin\Desktop and not in C:\Users\Georg\Desktop or C:\Users\Public\Desktop für all users to be visible for me.
  • Shortcut has NOT set "run as Administrator".

After changing these three points manually I can run this shortcut, enter the elevation credentials for Admin, and WinSCP starts with the sessions in my workspace as expected.