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RFC 1035 Section 2.3.4 specifies a FQDN maximum of 255 octets, which for practical reasons, translates to a maximum of 253 ASCII chars.

UTF-8 is now also permissible for hostnames, but because of variable length character encoding, it's not easy to say exactly what the maximum UTF-8 chars would be (depends on the chars used in the hostname).

In any case, no matter if ASCII or UTF-8, a 100 character hostname should not be the maximum, according to the relevant RFC.

Could hosts tend to have a lot of chars.

Re: Host name limit to 100 chars

What host/provider uses hostnames longer than 100 characters?

Host name limit to 100 chars


Is it possible to increase the number chars allowed for the host name?
Right now this is limited to 100 chars.