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Re: No filename collision check on transfer with new name

Thanks for your report. I'll consider it.
Paul A.

No filename collision check on transfer with new name

Version 5.9.4, Commander GUI, Windows 10

When transferring a file, WinSCP checks to see if a file of the same name already exists, and if it does offers a dialog box with a variety of options, including "New name".

If I choose the "New name" option, and enter a new name for the file, WinSCP does not check to see if a file of the new name also exists.

This seems like an important omission. I have at least once lost a file I didn't want to lose because my finger slipped and I submitted a "new name" that was identical to the old one. I can also imagine a situation where I did enter a new name that was inadvertantly the same as another file I also didn't want to lose.