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Yes Martin, although it appears as though the files were downloaded, they weren't. I'll add the code and get another log file for you.

Re: SFTP Appears to be copying files, but actually isn't

Do you mean that although WinSCP log claims that there were 3 files downloaded, there were no files in the D:\Test after the script finished? Try adding lls D:\Test at the end of the script and post a new log file.

SFTP Appears to be copying files, but actually isn't

I have had a script successfully downloading files using SFTP for over two months, and two days ago it stopped working. Looking at the log, it appears to be working correctly but the files are not copied. The special code returned at the end is 12, which means that the files are read only. But if the files were read-only, then I shouldn't be able to transfer them manually using FileZilla. The log file at /log level=2 is attached. I thought I had everything working correctly up until now. Thanks for your help.