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OK, will consider it.

for me, it's not about Queue. It's about Quit. Alt-F x (F_ile Ex_it) for many programs. I'm suggesting Alt-C q (C_ommand Q_uit) for WinSCP. I don't use Alt-F4 very much. How often do you use Alt-Space c ? Having taken the time to put accelerators in the Command menu, why not one moment to ensure each is unique?

Sure I understand that your prefer to use keyboard. I just wonder, if you really use the Quit or Queue often. If find the Quit bit useless, as you can use the Alt+F4. What do you go to Queue for (if go there)?

yes, as a matter of fact. Tapping the ALT key activates the accelerators (makes them visible) in the top menu and navigating by accelerators keeps the fingers at the keyboard. Sometimes it's best to not reach for the mouse/trackpad.

Re: Commands menu keyboard accelerator issue (5.9.4)

Thanks for your report.
Do you actually access any of these using the accelerator?

Commands menu keyboard accelerator issue (5.9.4)

In release 5.9.4 (and probably many prior releases), in the drop-down menu for "Commands" (Alt+C to activate), the menu entry "Queue" and "Quit" have the same keyboard accelerator "Q".


Suggestion: change accelerator for Queue to "U" instead, as "Q" is customary for Quit.