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Thank You!

Excellent. Generating the assembly from the Client Application worked perfectly.

Thank you again!

WinSCP Settings Profile Verses Setting them in .Net Assembly Properties

In the WinSCP client, I have a defined connection setup that works fine. I am trying to mirror the same steps through the .NET assembly. I looked at the WinSCP .INI file and the SSH setting, but it seems to be encrypted some how. It doesn't match the ssh- rsa2048 xx: xx: xx: xx: format that I need to properly connect. I have tried .GiveUpSecurityAndAcceptAnySshHostKey = True but that didn't work. In a previous FTP client that we used, you could load the profile directly and it mapped to all of the various FTP object properties. I know I can contact the site owner and request a new SSH key. But since it working correctly in the client, I was hoping to either use the connection profile, or derive the SSH Key... I noticed the Preferred SFTP Protocol Version is set to 6... For example.

Any ideas?