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Re: Sync only at night - Graceful stop or Pause function

No, there's no such option.

You would have to implement the synchronization manually using WinSCP .NET assembly.

Sync only at night - Graceful stop or Pause function


I would like to know if there is anyway to schedule the script to only run at night for example 2am-6am.

I have created a scheduled task and it works properly but I want it to stop at 6am. I know you can force the script to end using Scheduled task but i'm wondering if there is a more graceful way of stopping it. For example after a certain time for it to finish the last transfer its doing and then stopping.

The reason why i would prefer not killing the transfer is more of a corruption issue on the files. So far WinSCP has done a great job at resuming and continuing the transfer.

Any suggestions are welcomed.