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Thank you for your reply Martin. I don't think many people really care about that... No matter, WinSCP is a fantastic tool, bravo for the job !

Re: Let initial authentication user/password (SFTP at least) run in background

It's not possible atm. We will consider implementing this, if more people ask. Thanks for your suggestion.

Let initial authentication user/password (SFTP at least) run in background

Hello all,
First of all that's more a question than a feature request, and thanks in advance for any response.
Well, I have some UNIX SFTP server I connect to, and some others by a ssh tunnel on intermediate host, with network latency.
Thus when I open a new session to a host in a new tab, I can't work on other tab since the new session is opened.
For me that's only few seconds each, but opening each morning my 15 daily connections takes minutes.
Thus I would like to know if it was possible to open a new session tab, leading the authentication process to run in background in the new opened tab, and allow to go on other tab in GUI.
(I didn't see any option for this in preferences, nor in documentation/google searchs)
Thanks a lot

WinSCP 5.9.3 (32 bit) Commander on Windows 7 x86_64