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Re: EnumerateRemoteFiles in Perl

Ajay wrote:

Would you know how the syntax would look like for EnumerateRemoteFiles in Perl.

You cannot use EnumerateRemoteFiles in Perl, as documented:
The method cannot be used via COM interface

EnumerateRemoteFiles in Perl

Would you know how the syntax would look like for EnumerateRemoteFiles in Perl.

My requirement here is to find out if the files with wildcard are available in remote server or not. However i am struggling to find the syntax for winscp perl module to achieve the same.

Constructed the following command without much luck.

my $files =$session->EnumerateRemoteFiles('/data/incoming', '*.txt','EnumerationOptions_None');

Your assistance would greatly help.

Silviu Preda

Thanks man, appreciate it, will investigate.

No it's not.

For EnumerateRemoteFiles, if you need to skip a folder, you either have to filter the results to exclude files in the folder. Or, if you actually need to skip that folder (because it's not accessible or it's time consuming to enumerate it), you will have to do your own custom enumeration. It's not difficult. Check the source code of the .NET assembly.
Silviu Preda

Thank you for that. Is that also valid for the
method? Because that's really where I need it.


Re: File mask in EnumerateRemoteFiles

What does you mean by "pick up"?

Do you want to download all PDF files from all folders except for Reference?

TransferOptions transferOptions = new TransferOptions();

transferOptions.FileMask = "*.pdf | Reference/";
session.GetFiles("/*", @"C:\local\path\*", false, transferOptions).Check();
Silviu Preda

File mask in EnumerateRemoteFiles


I have the following use case: I need to pick up all .pdf files from a FTP location root folder, but I need to exclude one folder, called Refference.
IEnumerable<RemoteFileInfo> directoryInfo = session.EnumerateRemoteFiles("/", "*.pdf |*/Reference/", EnumerationOptions.AllDirectories);

My mask is not ok, because now it excludes all files.

directoryInfo.ToList().ForEach(di =>


When running without the
part, i get all the files, correctly, but when I add it, nothing is listed. How should I format my mask?

Thank you.