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Thank you kindly for the confirmation. I informed my host and they said that makes perfect sense.

Thank you :)

Re: My Remote Host Provider has a Question

If you are using SCP protocol, WiSCP in general needs only SSH shell access and SCP binary on remote server. As SCP binary is standard part of most of the SSH packages (OpenSSH particularly), your provider probably allows you to use SCP without knowing it :-)

Read more about SCP and requirements.

My Remote Host Provider has a Question

Hi there, I'm not only brand new to this site, but brand new to SCP in general. Took me quite awhile (3 hours, give or take an hour) to figure out how to get connected to SourceForge to get my home page modified. But once I got in, I figured I'd give it a shot on my own host's server too. I got in, but I was wondering if it was still secure, being my host doesn't provide for sftp. So, I asked my host. They said they didn't know what I was talking about (SCP-wise), but that I was probably still logging in like normal ftp. I was wondering if anyone could answer their question on this...

It sounds like to me since it's prompting you for a password, which I assume you're typing in your regular ftp password, that it must be logging in via ftp even though it's not giving you any indication of such. Yes, we do use SSH for shell access (SSH1 by the way - not SSH2 as I noticed you had selected in this software). But we don't use it for ftp, so I can't imagine how it would login using SSH in any way shape or form.

It sounds like to me that you should ask them what happens when using their product on a server that doesn't support secure or SSH ftp logins. Maybe you should ask them if it gives any indication or if it goes ahead and logs in securely somehow.

I know what you're saying, that since it's not giving you any indication that it's logging in through an insecure ftp mode that maybe it's not. But I have a feeling since I don't know of anyway you could ftp to our servers securely, that maybe that's a flaw in the software. Maybe it doesn't give any indication when logging in insecurely. Can you ask them about that?

It'd be nice to understand all this, and I'm learning slowly, but worst case is at least I "feel" more secure using WinSCP :)