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Thanks for your feedback and donation!

Works exceptionally well on all dark themes I've tried! This completely changes the experience for those using WinSCP with dark themes, especially now that Windows 10 too has support for one out of the box.

I've attached an image (animated GIF) that shows how WinSCP looks before the new build and after.

Once again, many thanks for recognizing how important this might be and implementing it so quickly!

Re: Toolbar icons issue with dark Windows themes

This issue has been added to the tracker:

Shortly, I send you an email with a development version of WinSCP.

Thanks. I'll test WinSCP with the "native Windows high contrast theme".

Of course, although the same behavior is exhibited with every dark theme I've tried, even the native Windows high contrast themes.

I currently use After Dark CC Theme For 8.1 with minimal steps required to make it usable (I don't like installing .dll files for which I don't know what they do).

The bare minimum installation is as follows:

1) Install the supplied UXThemePatcher (essential, without it there is no way to use custom themes on Windows :( )
2) Copy the content of the supplied Themes folder into Windows/Resources/Themes
3) Right click on the desktop, Personalize and select the After Dark CC Blue theme.

I additionally use the supplied OldNewExplorer tool to hide some of the less used UI elements which haven't been skinned properly like the ribbon.

Dark themes really make a difference for people which spend a lot of time working on a computer, especially late or over night, so it would be beneficial in my opinion to have at least some basic support for those in one (if not the) best FTP clients for Windows out there.

Re: Toolbar icons issue with dark Windows themes

Can we get the theme for testing?

Toolbar icons issue with dark Windows themes

Not exactly a bug, rather a customization issue.

I am using a custom dark theme for Windows 8.1 to reduce eye strain etc. The problem is WinSCP toolbar icons become monochromatic outlines which are barely recognizable (see attached picture).

I suspect this is because WinSCP uses transparent icons (possibly 8-bit which would explain the rough edges) in their normal state to achieve visual consistency with the operating system.

Here is the interesting part. Hovering the icons displays the alternative versions which are displayed fine.

My question: is there something I can do to at least make the icons recognizable? They don't need to be pretty just easy to recognize. I know I could download the source code and compile it myself with potential fixes for the issue but then I would need to do that every time a new build is out.