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Re: remote directory file listing on every transfer

Please attach the log file.

remote directory file listing on every transfer

I run the below to transfer a file from a remote directory to a local one.

/log="E:\Data\Logs\transfer.log" /command "option batch abort" "open -timeout=60" "get datafile.xls -transfer=ascii -nopreservetime -nopermissions "E:\Data\transfer\incoming\""  "exit"

I have logging turned on in case I need to troubleshoot. Whenever it writes the log files, it lists the entire directory contents of /data/out/transfer/ which can contain hundreds - thousands of files. This means the log file grows by >100KB every day. If it didn't list the contents of the directory, the log file would be <10KB every day.

Is it possible to stop this listing of files in the remote directory from appearing in the log? I've looked through instructions on site but couldn't see anything