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Re: History: more than 10 entries, drop "wandering" entries

Thanks for your suggestion.
Will see if more people ask for this.

History: more than 10 entries, drop "wandering" entries

[TRIVIAL] a) Currently, the maximum number of history entries is hardcoded to 10 in TCustomScpExplorerForm::UpdateHistoryMenu.
It would be nice to have more entries, say 20, or even a configurable number of entries.

[WORK] b) Currently, while you travel through the file system looking for some file in some path, the directories are piling up as you go.
Meaning, if I move from a file0 in m/n/o/p, to a file1 in a/b/c/d, and a file2 in e/f/g/h (e.g. on a bigger CMS with extensions), the history reads:
[] e/f/g/h/
[] e/f/g
[] e/f
[] e
[] a/b/c/d
[] a/b/c
[] a/b
[] a
[] m/n/o/p
[] m/n/o
Basically, you cannot jump between more than about three files with four folders depth, or four files with three folders depth.

What I'd actually want is: add a directory explicitly to the history, if I open a file there
[] e/f/g/h (because of file2)
[] a/b/c/d (because of file1)
[] m/n/o/p (because of file0)

How to get that?
If I click on a subdirectory, without opening a file in the current directory, the subdirectory replaces the current directory in the history.
* every history entry needs a flag "has interesting file"
* if a new entry is added on entering a subdirectory Q, and the previous entry P is a level up relative to the current directory: if P isn't flagged, the next entry Q replaces the previous entry P in the history