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Thanks for looking into it.

I can't reproduce it either.

Re: [Bug] "Once Finished" happens even when not finished

Actually, I was not able to reproduce the problem. Can you? If you can, can you describe it step by step, documenting it by screenshots? Session log file might by useful too. Thanks.

Re: [Bug] "Once Finished" happens even when not finished

Thanks for your report.
I will take a look at this issue.

[Bug] "Once Finished" happens even when not finished

I was uploading a large load of files overnight using the WinSCP 5.9.4 Build 7333 GUI, and today it still had over 17 hours remaining, so I didn't bother to turn off the "Once Finished" action that I had set to "sleep".

Then, as I did other things on my PC, there was a communication error to the SCP server. I clicked Abort, and at that instant my computer shut down. What if I was burning a DVD or something?

'Abort' does not count as 'Finished',

Moreover, 'Abort' is an action invoked manually, whereas the 'Once Finished' mode action is intended to happen when the user is AFK. Since I'm obviously not AFK when I invoke 'Abort', it shouldn't perform any 'Once Finished' action ever.

I'm not saying WinSCP should be able to detect AFK-ness, because that's not necessary. If it finishes by itself, assume AFK. If it doesn't finish by itself, it means the user did something, or has to do something (clicked cancel / clicked an action in an error dialog), both of which imply not AFK.

I'm saying it should not perform the "Once Finished" action in any case other than when it finishes by itself.