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Re: Forcing English at installation time on non-English system

To force installation in English, use /LANG=en command-line argument:

Other than that, the scripting follows GUI configuration.

If you have isolated your script from GUI configuration (what is the right thing to do), you can use /rawconfig Interface\LocaleSafe=1033 to force English:

To "uninstall" a language, just remove the language file from the installation folder (as you have done).

Forcing English at installation time on non-English system

How can I force installation in English?

For some reason, I have to use a non-English version of Windows. All of a sudden, a new version of WinSCP switched to that language in its messages. How do I get rid of it?

Non-English interface is particularly annoying in the command-line tool called from a script that needs to process its messages.

I know I can change language of the interactive version (which I don't use) in the settings, though, as documentation says, the icons will not be consistent with the rest of the interface. But for the command-line tool there seems to be no way of getting rid of translation.

Providing translations to who needs them is a good intention, but using and maintaining a program with non-English interface (even if it's your language) is a nightmare -- imagine, for example, googling for an error message "папка не может быть найдена" -- will you find useful advise from other users that have had this problem? can you guess how this message could possibly be worded in English in order to google for it? There should be a way for the user to choose whether he wants a translation.

EDIT: If in the installer you can choose "personalized installation or new installation" (if I guessed correctly the English wording), then you can deselect the translation. However, if you first installed the program with the default settings, then it will not remove the translation that is already on your disk (it says something like "deselected components will not be uninslalled" -- so it understands I want to get rid of this component but it knows better what is good for me). Maybe uninstalling the program completely and then installing it with advanced options would help, but not sure if then I would not lose all configuration. There should be a better way.

(In any case, the installer itself will talk to you in the language it chooses.)

EDIT: What helped was to rename the file "C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.xx", where xx is your language code (you need elevated permissions for this). Now my WinSCP can speak English again!