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Re: synchrinisation to ftp-server fails on folder-creation

Can you create the folders on the FTP server using FTP protocol, anyhow? E.g. using a different FTP client.

synchrinisation to ftp-server fails on folder-creation

I am new to this forum and a new user of WinSCP as of today.
I run into a problem with synchronising my directories to the ftp-server.
When connetion is there the upload of files should involve creating new directories on the ftp-erver.
There WinSCP runs into a denial.
When I login to the ftp server via the website and create the folders manually, ftp-upload runs as a smooth machine.

In automating WinSCP I need this issue of not being allowed to create new folders solved while it is not doable to manually create new folders any time there is a need for.

I have WinSCP version 5.9.5 (build 7441) installed on a Win8.1 laptop to perform automated filesync to a cloud-server via ftp.

Please help.
Kind reagrds,