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Re: Offline documentation available yet?

Mike-superfan wrote:

but no longer load properly in any browser

What does not load properly?

Offline documentation available yet?

I was just wondering if anything had changed on that front. It would be SO nice to have a pdf or even a hugemongous DOC file we could download.

The html online docs are nice, but no longer load properly in any browser and take so long to load every page that we get frustrated.

Ok, thanks for answering prikryl

Re: Download whole documentation

There's no offline version of documentation yet, sorry.

Download whole documentation

hello to all,

Is it possible that we could download all the documentation of WinSCP?
I really need to use some advanced configurations and even though I can and have read the whole thing online, I need to get it printed for a project.

So, how can I get a printer friendly, downloadable version of the whole documentation?

ucho92@..... is my Gmail mailing address

Thanks very much!