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Hi Martin,

thank you for your reply. That's not a good news. So basically I have to use the stand-alone tool now, right?

Kind regards,

Janek wrote:

If it is so, when will be the WinSCP plugin updated?

An update of the plugin is currently blocking due to incompatibility of WinSCP and Altap Salamander code base. While they have focused on x64 support, we have focused to Unicode platform. I'm waiting for them to move to Unicode too. Before that happens, it's hardly possible to update the plugin.

This is message received from my client:

The WinSCP plugin is outdated and it cannot connect to SSH server with hmac-sha2-512 and hmac-sha2-256 MAC encryption algorithm.

If it is so, when will be the WinSCP plugin updated?

Salamander plugin not able to connect to FTP, stand-alone WinSCP OK


we use WinSCP plugin for Altap Salamander for years now and were always happy. However, last week the plugin stopped working. To be precise, we are not able to connect to our client's FTP via Salamander. We always get error message (attached hereby).

I am not an IT person, nor technician, so I am looking for straightforward solution, if only possible, or exact guidance on how to fix this.

The only strange thing is that when I run standalone WinSCP software, it connects to the client's server without any problems. I have checked settings of both the stand-alone and plug-in and it seems to me the settings are the same.

Any idea what to do here?

Thank you very much in advance.

With kind regards,