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Re: Datetime, with Seconds

Please attach a full session log file both from .NET assembly and GUI.

Datetime, with Seconds

Good Morning,

First of all, thanks a lot for all your effort to create this library.

I'm creating a in VB.NET software wich will manipulate several images on a FTP server.
The first function it's to sort the images by date and TIME, expecialy SECONDS.
my routin will read all file in a directory and then sort them by date-time wich it's very very important to include seconds.
I've tried witht he normal FTP request (ListDirectoryDetail) but it only show the date/time with minutes.
I've tryed to run a FTP in PowerShell with normal FTP command but also it show only Minutes.

I've tried then to use your VB.NET example, but i've several problem.
In this case in the FTPFileInfo, the date/time it's wrong (seems it does not reconise at all) and display date :1/1/0001

I've debugged the return from the server in the function "ListDirectoryDetails" and i see this :
"-rw-rw-r-- 1 3295178 membri 42690 Jun 28 18:18 Schedule_20170628-181808.jpg" & vbCrLf

I think there are some problem with REGEX to convert in FTPFileInfo.
But as i can see , even if the REGEX was correct, the string does not contain the Seconds.

How i can sort my files ?
I just want to add that the WinSCP client , works perfectly and it shows the files with seconds.