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Re: Changing to / (root folder) via path bar not working

Thanks for your report.

This bug has been added to the tracker:

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Changing to / (root folder) via path bar not working

I'm not sure exactly which version introduced this bug, but it was one of the last 2 or 3. I'm currently using 5.10.2 beta (Build 7621).

When changing the path by clicking on a component in the path bar (above the list of files), it works properly unless you click on the initial forward slash in an attempt to change to the actual root folder "/". Instead, it changes to the root user folder "/root/*.*". In order to get to the actual root "/" folder one has to then click on the ".." link shown in the file list.