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In case other come across this same issue I wanted to update this thread with how I managed to get this working.

Instead of using the FTP protocol I ended up simply switching to a jailed SSH connection and used SCP protocl (instead of FTP).

Once I did this everything started working properly. I suspect that the FTP protocol may be limited to not allow the fetching of proper timestamps.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.


Synchronization Scripting not skipping existing files via FTP

Hey all,

I created a simple winscp script to synchornize local files from a machine to a remote FTP server.

option batch abort

option confirm off
# We tell it which FTP to connect to
open mediasync
# We tell it to synchronize local to Remote path
synchronize -filemask="*.jpg" -criteria="time" -resumesupport="on" remote D:\FILES\Thumbnails /Thumbnails

The files get uploaded however every time the script re-runs it will reupload all the files all over again.

Alternatively I've tried using -criteria="size" however get the same behavior.

Are there any known limitations that would be causing this to happen?