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Please consider implementing at least the dialog saying

100% uploaded

Because right now, the "Access is denied" dialog is very misleading.


OK, will consider this. Thanks for your feedback.


I have just tried your development version and it works! It uploads files to folders without read permission :)

Nevertheless, after uploading any file, there's always the dialog (shown below) which hides out another dialog behind it. That hidden dialog actually says "100% uploaded".

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

It would be nice if the other dialog (100% uploaded) is shown clearly, or disable the "Error" dialog since it's repeated again and again and it's getting annoying in multiply files uploading situation.

Thanks :)

Re: Wrong assumption on directory access

It's not that WinSCP refuses to upload file to directory that does not have a read access in general. It's likely a very specific issue with a very old versions of IIS FTP server. And by coincidence, it got fixed few days back:

I have sent you an email with a development version of WinSCP.

Wrong assumption on directory access

I don't know if I should post this in this "Support and Bug Reports" forum or "Feature Request" forum. So excuse-me first.

I've set up an FTP server for my company so that our customers could upload important files to us. (No, we can't only use mails because those files are usually hundreds of MByte but can be as big as several GByte!) Yeah, some customers are still quite "old school" and don't know how to use cloud-base transfer :)

Because of confidentiality reason, the FTP site is set up such that a normal FTP user can NOT list the directory content (because not knowing the names of existent files means it's quite hard to download files from other customers of ours). But he can still upload his files inside the root folder, ie a PUT command is accepted while a LS command would return 550.

We usually advice our customers to use I.E. but some prefer to use other clients like yours. But there's a problem:
WinSCP sends out a LIST command to our FTP server once connected and in return it receives 550. It then thinks it can't access the directory and refuse to upload anything.

This assumption is purely wrong. So, is there have any plan to change this behaviour? For example, when someone drag 'n drops a file to a directory which was "marked" 550, WinSCP could pop up a dialog asking if he really wants to send the file despite the 550 error code.

If someone has some other alternative ideas, I'd also like to hear, like for example, a way to make files invisible to all simple users. I'm using the embedded FTP server of IIS in a Win2003R2 server because it was easy to set up and quick. I'm willing to change the FTP server if I could be assured that it fulfills all our requirements.

Additional infos:
WinSCP 5.5.6
Any Windows version
Protocol: FTP
Interface: Explorer
Log: I'm going to send you the log file by email