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Re: Licensing problem: GPL-3.0 vs. MPL-1.1

I'm not a lawyer. But I do not see where your lawyers see the problem.

In my understanding the JCL library part still keeps its MPL license. And the whole work is GPL licensed.

See also

But again, I'm not a lawyer. Maybe I'm wrong.

Licensing problem: GPL-3.0 vs. MPL-1.1

WinSCP version: 5.9.4 and later

We like to use WinSCP in a commercial environment. Because of
this our licensing specialists took a view at the source code.
It seems that WinSCP 5.9.4 uses a library called JCL (source/packages/jcl)
which is clearly Mozilla 1.1 licensed. But MPL-1.1 is *incompatible* to GPL-3.0.
That's at least what our lawyers say. :(

Possible solutions
=> You explain our lawyers why there is no problem.
=> You state explicitly a linking exception, i.e. you a owner of WinSCP
licensed under GPL-3.0 allow linking the JCL library without having the
copyleft effect of GPL-3.0.
=> You remove the JCL library (it was not used in earlier versions of WinSCP like 5.5.4)

I hope you can help me...