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Re: Unknown Switch get -delete *.*

Sriman wrote:

get *.*
get -delete

That must go on a single line, like:
get -delete *.*

Unknown Switch get -delete *.*


We need to put the below commands to get files from source and delete from source

get *.*
get -delete


Re: get -delete returns Unknown switch 'delete'

Thanks for your report.
The mget is an alias to the get, so they should behave identically, so it is still a bug:

ah ha. My bad.

mget -delete *.dat does not work

get -delete *.day DOES work. I thought mget was required to download multiple files.

get -delete returns Unknown switch 'delete'

I'm wanting to download files and delete when successful. I should be able to use:
mget -delete *.csv

but I get "Unknown switch 'delete' when I try this.

If I go to the command line manually, del (or delete) in fact does not exist, but 'rm' does delete the file. So I tried:
mget -rm *.csv

but that doesn't work either.

I could do:
mget *.csv
rm *.csv

but how do I know (from the script) that the download was successful before I delete the files on the server?

(I'm using v5.7.4 /script=)