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Martin, Thank you very much for that help. One other question is; the "get" is getting the files in the base directory PLUS the subfolders in the base directory and the files in them. All I want to "get" are the files in the base directory but NOT the subfolders. How do I tell it to ignore the subfolders?
Thanks, David

Re: Having a problem downloading files using get command

Specify the target path in the second argument of the get command:

get /users/clients/company/FromFolder/ c:\targfet\path\


Having a problem downloading files using get command

I am trying to download files with the "Get" command. Instead of downloading files to the folder set in the "Directories" option, it downloads to the local folder where the program was run from. Below is the command I am using.

="C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe /console /command ""option confirm off"" ""option batch off"" ""open FilesFolder"" ""get /users/clients/company/FromFolder/ " & "*%TimeStamp#yyyymmdd%" & ".txt"" -preservetime ""exit"" "

I would also like to have a command to rename the remote files and move them to a history folder on the remote server. They have already set me up a history folder and given me permission to move the files into the History folder.

Thanks for any help you can give.