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I found problem. It was my AV block script, after unblock, it run ok now. Thanks for your help!

I'm actually interested in seeing the command with your current settings.
With that information I can suggest you what you may have wrong.

With the info I provided above, can you help me what to write in Webroot path, URL Rootpath, Webserver hostname override. So I know that I configure correct before sending you the command. Thanks!

Press Ctrl and Shift, while executing/clicking the Generate HTTP URL.
It copies the command to the clipboard.
Post it here.

Sorry seem I can't post picture. The exactly error is "Command failed with return code 259"

Need help configure Generate HTTP URL extension

Can anyone please help me configure Generate HTTP URL extension? I have read the extension page but I still not understand how to configure it correctly. I always has error 259 when click on a file, choose Generate HTTP URL.

I want to change to
My FTP provider only give me this info to connect, I don't know my webroot "/home/martin/httpdocs" like in the guide.