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Connection gambled on decryption

Hi all,

I have some problems while trying to send some big binary files to a customer, using compression mode. If I use the graphic interface for Winscp, the transmission isn't able to finish, and there's an error reported ("Incoming packet was garbled on decryption"). After reviewing the network logs, it seems to be a problem with the ACK order received, but in theory Winscp must be able to order it well (and there's only a few ACK marks received, one over every 3 GB...). Moreover, it restarts the transmission from the beginning, not from the last point transmitted.
If compression is disable, the problem disappears.

Instead of that, if I force the sending in a command line mode from Windows (server 2012), referring to the storaged session of Winscp (with compression enabled), there are some EOF requests received during transmission, but it's able to reconnect from the last point, and finish it.

Has someone any idea about what could be the problem? ("Optimize connection buffer size" is enabled to, and we have set disconnection time to 120 seconds, just in case...)

Thanks a lot!!!