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Re: Login shell closed

Sorry, but this is support forum for WinSCP client.
Please ask at an appropriate site. E.g. on

Login shell closed

I was running my server for my program, by the way, there was some of the RAM taken by other process. So, because i didn't want to execute "kill <pid>" for all the processes, i googled around and found that using "killall5 -9" would have closed all the processes execpt for the login shell, init and etc... So, i ran the command from PuTTY and it crashed. When I re-opened it, PuTTY did not do anything, just a black screen. At that point, i shutted down my PC, re-opened it and I re-opened WinSCP, but the logindid not complete. So, i think that the "killall5 -9" command shutted down the login shell too and now i can't open the FTP and I can't use PuTTY at all.
When opening, putty, after a few seconds it also says Network error caused connection abort.
Please, answer me ASAP as I need a quick way to fix this! Thank you in advance!