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Now they match

I deleted the file and used another tool instead due to the bad checksums. I downloaded a version today, and the checksums matched what was expected.

My previous post includes the hashes for the other file for reference if they are helpful.

Thanks for the reply.

Re: Checksums not matching

For me 7-zip calculates expected checksums.
Did your download finished? How large is the file? It should be 9441120 bytes large.
Can you attach the download file here?

Checksums not matching

I downloaded WinSCP-5.11.2-Setup.exe from your site. I used 7zip to produce both the SHA1 and SHA256 checksums and they do not match what is listed here:

The file I downloaded had the following checksums:

  • SHA1: 8B7A5CA104CB58CDB278BC2316BF378ED8B67C8B
  • SHA256: 19B2A03DF1E47B6865FC3A8459951DCE7C09293EB29126070D4C44B5EFFED58D

Your site indicates the checksums should be:

  • MD5: 49b48b462b2ad21d2dd21030b0b4554f
  • SHA-1: 448bd40e73a8aef7e78a99ab3567c19609136768
  • SHA-256: 84d3e95575939b88cfe57242b07b52662aaeea833ba2b67218ca498a0fe93ec0

Not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong, or what.