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Re: WinSCP Installation firing up automatically

We do not have any winscp.msi.
If you have installed WinSCP by .msi, it must be some third party installation that we have nothing to do with.

WinSCP Installation firing up automatically

Hi all,
My name is Paulo and this is my fisrt Post on WinSCP forum.

For a couple of weeks now i have been experiencing strange behaviors with the WinSCP installer being fired up out of the blue.
I would like to have your support to see if i can fix this.

System Information:
OS Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit operating system.

How to reproduce the problem:
Whenever i am in folder browser dialog (does not matter the application) and i choose to create a new folder.
The new folder appears, but once i type it's new name an press enter it will somehow start WinSCP installation (when i already have it installed).
It will look for WinSCP.msi and will freeze the application i was working on.
The only way to solve is by killing, in the task manager, the original application i was working on.
I attached a screenshot of this behaviour.

It will also be fired up everytime i exit Visual Studio 2017

Can someone point me out to where i can fix this behavior?