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OK, I understand now. Though it's something specific to your system. I've never seen it before.
What version of Windows is that?
What pointing device are you using?
Is the problem happening in a local panel too?
If the problem happening in synchronization checklist window too?

Hi there,

The first part describes the problem.

When a directory has full of files (the list of files is longer than the screen), it is super hard to select multi files by clicking and dragging the cursor. As you can see from the video, the cursor moves so fast from the starting point (bottom of the screen) to the upper left corner of the screen. As a result, users cannot select files they want. It is impossible to slow down cursor speed. This kind of fast-cursor moving does not happen in the second part of video when the folder has a few files, and users can select multi files easily.

Thank you.

Thanks for the video. Though It's not clear to me, what exactly are you doing there. I cannot see, where do you click. And the cursor moves way too fast.
Can you record the video slower? And show only one simple action. With the current video it's not clear to me, what part of the video is the actual problem. Or if you really have to do all that moves to reproduce the problem. Also please, in addition to a video, describe the problem in text.

I just checked other older versions and found the same issue. This issue just happen when there are many files in a folder. Just have a look at the video below recorded from my pc.

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Thank you.

Re: Hard to select multi files by clicking and dragging mouse

We are not aware of any change or bug in "Two recent versions". Can you please elaborate on the problem? What was the last version that worked for you? If you downgrade to that version, does it still work?

Hard to select multi files by clicking and dragging mouse

Hello Developers,

Two recent versions of Winscp have a small issue. It is a quite tricky to select multi files by holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse pointer over files. Could you please fix this problem in the next version?

thank you,

Kind regards,