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Re: Remote Panel has changed

Thanks a lot for sharing
It works like this

Re: Remote Panel has changed

I'm on 5.13 now. Yes, this helped! Thanks.

Remote Panel has changed

On WinSCP startup/connection panel, I clicked on:
Tools > Preferences > Panels > Remote

And the checkbox mentioned above by tarrob does not exist (perhaps I'm using a newer version? 5.11.2).

However, I connected to the server and on the bottom of the remote panel itself I just noticed there's information about the number of hidden files.
I clicked on this text and the files showed up! :D

Hope it helps.

Thank you, for sharing that you found the answer!

i found the answer

under edit - panels - show hidden files

hidden files remote directory

i recently had to reinstall my program. After doing so I cannot see hidden files in the remote directory. (In my specific case the file is the .htaccess file). It is not in the list

What do I need to change in order to see that hidden file in the listing?

using 5.9.4