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as far as i know, WinSCP already trying to reconnect automatically after 60 seconds. altough it's not based on connection availability, i think it is enough for your problem.

Re: Auto resume on new connection

OK, will consider that.

By God today I logged in to request this feature.
I really really need this feature most of the time I open 3-4 for connections, and sometimes wifi reconnects I have to connect all these connections one by one, please make it simple.

And thank you for creating such a nice software for free.

Auto resume on new connection

Would there be any need or has anyone ever asked to have a connection to a site reconnect automatically when a new connection is available or an option/button that just reconnects all open sessions?

For example you are connected through ethernet and then need winscp to reconnect when wireless is available and either do this automatically or have a button available to do so.