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Re: output from processing

You can enable XML logging and parse it:

Though easier is to use a WinSCP .NET assembly from a PowerShell script.

$mode = [WinSCP.SynchronizationMode]::Local
$result =
    $session.SynchronizeDirectories($mode, $localPath, $remotePath, $False)
# Throw on any error
if ($result.Downloads.Length -ge 0)
    Write-Host "Some files were downloaded"
    Write-Host "No files were downloaded"

output from processing

How become output from processing? If something were synchronized, then make something in batch file. Thanx

<run.bat> /script=script.txt
if (something were synchronized) start D:\photos\

open ftp://name:pass@
cd Camera
synchronize local D:\photos\

Can you please help me?