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Re: Problems with resume downloading of files

How do you "resume downloading"? Can you be more specific?

Problems with resume downloading of files

Hi All
Pardon me if this a stupid question as I am new to using WinSCP.
I have looked around but havent found a helpful answer so am requesting some advice here :)

So I am using SFTP to download files off a server. My problem is with resuming downloading of files.
Say I am downloading 10 files. It starts the download of the 1st file and creates a .filepart extension,
The file downloads and it moves on the next file
But if I get to the 5th file and cancel it, when it resumes the transfer it starts to download the 1st file which already exists!! I guess I have configured it incorrectly but looking in the settings doesnt show anything that deals with this.
It will resume downloading the 5th file, but seems strange it wants to redownload the other files as well
Thanks for taking the time to read this