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Re: First time user of WinSCP and can't even get started.

These are questions that only GoDaddy support can answer.

First time user of WinSCP and can't even get started.

Hi all,

I have briefly searched these WinSCP forums and extensively searched google until I feel dizzy so now I am here...

My wife is trying to add stuff (meta description) to her wordpress blog(free account) (with GOdaddy for the domain name thing) and the only way I can see to do it is through FTP. I downloaded WinSCP last night and the very first thing it asks for hostname, username and password. I set protocol to FTP, port changes itself to 21.

What is the hostname? I have tried my wifes domain name '', the one from wordpress, '', godaddy's nameservers NS1..., NS2..., NS3.... and no luck.

Am I right in thinking the username and password are the same as the ones she uses to log into her wordpress account?

I have asked her about welcome emails from wordpress and I think she has deleted them years ago.

Many thanks to anyone that can help.