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Hi JamesM

Is it possible to see your trick I'm trying to do nearly the same thing.


Hi Martin

Thanks for your response. Good to know that WinSCP doesn't support file masks in that way.

What I did was create an array of the different folder names and put the initial ForEach loop inside another of this array, it seemed to do the trick!


Re: Search Folders / foreach loop upload

WinSCP does not support file masks like this.

You have to list subfolders in respective parent folders and loop over them (three nested loops).

Another option is using Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles:
But that's probably not the best solution in your case (with fixed $folder\files).

Search Folders / foreach loop upload

Hi guys

I'd like to mirror the powershell command:

foreach ($folder in $folderarray) {

Copy-Item "D:\Users\username\*\*\*\$folder\files\*" -Destination
"D:\Users\username\Desktop\temp\" -Recurse

in a way that instead of moving files from one local folder to another the files are moved to an SFTP (the SFTP session is working fine and uploading files is not a problem in general.)

This is what I'd attempted to do:

foreach ($folder in $folderarray) {

$session.PutFiles("D:\Users\username\*\*\*\$folder\files\*", "/NewRelease/$folder/", $False, $transferOptions)

But this set up doesn't work in the same way, could someone please tell me I can set this up correctly?