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Re: How to add hotkey / shortcut to Generate HTTP URL

The next version of WinSCP will allow you to configure a shortcut for extensions:

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Thanks. That sounded simpler, but definitely wasn't simple. For other people attempting to do this, if you want to add a @shortcut to the extension, if you're not logged in as Admin (which I hope you're not usually), you need to go to Program Files (x86)/WinSCP/Extensions (or wherever you've installed WinSCP), locate the extension in question, right-click it and go to Properties, go to the security tab, assign yourself (the user you log in as) Full Control, then OK out. Then right click the Extension filename and select Edit from the context menu to open it in the powershell editor.

There, you can add the line
# @shortcut Ctrl+0
or whatever other shortcut you like, from the list allowed on this page and save it. It sure would be nice if the extensions syntax page linked in the above post made it clear that the way to specify Ctrl+0 was simply to say Ctrl+0, though. This shortcut will take effect when you restart WinSCP.

I assume it's good practice then to go back and remove the Full Control & Modify permissions from your user.

Re: How to add hotkey / shortcut to Generate HTTP URL

There's indeed no way yet to configure a shortcut for an extension easily yet.

The approach you have suggested is one way.

Another is to go to the extension file (GenerateHttpUrl.WinSCPextension.ps1) and add @shortcut key to it:

How to add hotkey / shortcut to Generate HTTP URL

Hi -

I am trying to figure out how to make a hotkey / keyboard shortcut for the Generate HTTP URL extension. I was happy to find the extension on WinSCP, as, coming from FireFTP (R.I.P.) it is my single most-used command after actually transferring files. (If I could I would associate it with a single-character command, as on FireFTP.)

However, WinSCP help (and at least one thread here) says you can add a kb shortcut to it, but then shows how to associate kb shortcuts with Custom Commands, not with extensions. There doesn't seem to be a kb shortcut field on the Configure dialog for the Generate HTTP URL shortcut, and it's not obvious to me how to create a Custom Command which calls Generate HTTP URL. Do I need to copy (on paper or via screenshot) the entire huge powershell.exe command line that is only visible as a tooltip, paste that into the Add Custom Command dialog and then go from there? Seems absurd.

Anyone? Thanks in advance.