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Re: Site theme :(

On desktop LCD the new theme has low contrast and too large a line spacing, making reading version history difficult.
To fix it, I use the "Custom Style Script" add-on to Firefox (I use FF V.52.6.0 ESR). It allows you to inject custom CSS to any site. That add-on supposed to be also available for Chrome.

I use it to inject the following CSS to the site. This is the custom code I use:

body {background-color: white; color: black; font-family: Arial; font-weight: 500; line-height: normal}

Now the history list, as well as most other pages, are readable :-)

Sorry, but that's not possible. We need to eventually discard a code for the old design.

I would donate to be able to set the cookie "winscp_newdesign" to 0 again. Is it being forced to 1 now.

Re: Site theme :(

Thanks for your feedback.
I'm sorry that you do not like it. But we do.

Site theme :(

Loved the old theme. Why the change?
This one seems much worse for the eyes. Bad contrast, excessive item's spacing (bad for desktop browsers) etc...