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No problem, thanks for the confirmation. Excellent program btw..thanks for all scripting examples--very helpful!

Re: Get filesize or size downloaded during file Powershell transfer

No, that information is not provided currently.

Get filesize or size downloaded during file PowerShell transfer

I am using the FileTransferProgressEventArgs class with Filename, FileProgress, and CPS properties to display the name of the name, the percentage complete, and the transfer speed. I just followed the example using this line of code from one of the examples:
# Print transfer progress
Write-Host -NoNewline ("`r{0} ({1:P0})" -f $e.FileName, $e.FileProgress)

That all works great. What I was wondering if there was a way to display the amount of data downloaded while the files is transferring and/or the total size of the current file being transferred? Thanks!