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I am encountering this very same timeout issue. I've generated the log files where do I send them @martin?

Re: Win Scp Dowonload process fails sometimes due to timeout issue

Please attach a full session and debug log files showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

To generate the log files, set Session.SessionLogPath and Session.DebugLogPath. Submit the logs with your post as an attachment. If you do not want to post the logs publicly, you can mark the attachments as private.

WinSCP Download process fails sometimes due to timeout issue

I have a VB .Net Script in my SSIS Package which downloads files from a sftp site in a loop.
I am having this problem where when i set a break point in the script and run the package the files are downloaded easily but when i dont set a breakpoint and directly execute the package it randomly fails on a file and says Timeout waiting WinSCP to respond i have set SessionOption.timeout to 15 mins and Session.timeout to 15 mins but still the same issue. the files are small 10 or 5 mb max.

These messages are being repeated over and over again.
Waiting for log update and dispatching events for 800

[2018-02-16 06:46:53.332Z] [0013]   2nd generation collection count: 3
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.332Z] [0013]   Total memory allocated: 104086000
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.332Z] [0013]   Waiting for request event
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.442Z] [0013]   2nd generation collection count: 3
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.442Z] [0013]   Total memory allocated: 104086000
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.442Z] [0013]   Waiting for request event
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.551Z] [0013]   2nd generation collection count: 3
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.551Z] [0013]   Total memory allocated: 104094192
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.551Z] [0013]   Waiting for request event
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.660Z] [0013]   2nd generation collection count: 3
[2018-02-16 06:46:53.660Z] [0013]   Total memory allocated: 104094192