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i was also looking to find how to view the files.
I do filter "modified" files, and would NEED to know what files these are, thus need to see all single files for checking if everything is fine.
I guess it shouldnt be too much difficulty to hava a treeview just like in an explorer.

I really got stuck at a task currently, and changed from totalcommander to winscp, and i really liked, that you could filter for modfied files. But uploading an amount of unknown files is just something i would rarely do, so this filter feature becomes useless for me actually.

If i would have the money i would have gave you a little incentive. The only currency i could pay with is time.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn't answer to everyone.
I found many other persons on internet who would like to have the full list of waiting files transfers (like in FileZilla). But it's not available :'(

Re: WinSCP doesn't show waiting & completed files in queue

WinSCP transfer queue list shows transfer operations/batches, not individual files.
You can schedule multiple operation/batches. If you schedule too many of them, you will get the "Waiting" lines, that you see in the documentation.
So it's not a bug, it's a feature.

WinSCP doesn't show waiting & completed files in queue

I noticed that when I upload multiple items. The queue only shows the files being actively transferred. It doesn't show the "waiting" files nor the completed files.

I'm not sure if it's a bug. But it seems inconsistent with the description in the doc, where both waiting and completed items are shown in the queue list. I don't find a settings for this either.

I'm using version 5.11.3. Protocol is SFTP.

Screenshot is attached.