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Re: Synchronize from local directory to remote server

The arguments of synchronize command are paths to directories. You cannot use file masks there.

If you want to restrict the synchronization to certain files, you have to use -filemask switch:
synchronize remote -filemask=*.txt C:\ddswrkq\ACEPRMRB\ACMRBSIP /u194/outbox/inq

You must be using some old version of WinSCP. With recent versions, would would get a more helpful message with your wrong syntax. You should upgrade.

Synchronize from local directory to remote server

I am trying to synchronize *.txt files to the remote server using the below command
synchronize remote "C:\ddswrkq\ACEPRMRB\ACMRBSIP\*.txt" /u194/outbox/inq/

Log always says nothing to synchronize even though there are *.txt files present
Can someone help me with the command. I want to sync only *.txt files from that folder